Deliver endless solutions through one digital front door

vcita’s app ecosystem supports SMEs’ day-to-day activity, helping them manage their time, clients, and money with one seamless integrated experience.

Leverage our modular platform to launch, deliver, and scale your SME solution.

All-encompassing ecosystem

Introduce your SME customers to a mass marketplace of services available through a single sign-in. Empower them to better-manage their time, clients, and money in one aggregative environment.

Microservice architecture

We proudly use our in-house technology complemented by carefully vetted third-party integrations to build an ever-growing platform and help our partners deliver value at scale.

Drive digital inclusion with the world’s first SME super app

For many time-starved business owners, assembling an efficient and cost-effective tech stack in a sea of digital tools is mission impossible.

To eliminate pain points that multiple, single-purpose apps present to users, we’ve built one inclusive technological hub. It’s a space for business owners to find the tools they need for better-organizing their day-to-day activity, simplifying administration, and increasing productivity.

With vcita’s business tool ecosystem, SMEs can better manage the three core areas of their business: time, clients, and money. Freeing them from administrative overhead, and empowering them to build a business they’re proud of.

With extensive SME & strategic partnership experience

We provide our partners with the technological infrastructure needed for engaging and retaining SEM customers in the fast-changing digital space.

Strategic partnerships

Banks & financial service providers | Fintechs | Telcos | Online directories | Startups

Our strategic partnership program is designed for enterprise companies seeking to offer ground-breaking solutions to their large or small business customer base.

Discover how companies like yours are succeeding with vcita by their side.

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